1.  You must not bring into the Examination Room bags, books, cellular phones, electronic devices including electronic spell checkers and other such gadgets, manuscripts, revision notes, papers of any description or boxes of instruments bearing tables or formulae. Any candidate found with such articles in her possession is liable to have her examination cancelled.   

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St Joseph's Convent San Fernando

Trinity Term Examination 2014-2015

FINAL Exam Timetable 

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Easter Term Time Table 2014-2015

Please see timetable below for Easter Term 2014-2015:

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St. Joseph's Convent, San Fernando
Christmas Term Examinations 2014
FINAL Exam Timetable
Date Session Form 5 Form 4 Form 3 Form 2 Form 1
Monday 17th November am Visual Arts Practicals (6 hrs)/ Foreign Language Orals        
Tuesday 18th November am Food and Nutrition Practicals/ Foreign Language Orals        
Wednesday 19th November am Food and Nutrition Practicals/Theatre Arts SBA        
Thursday 20th November am Spanish P1 & P2 (2 hrs 50 mins) Visual Arts Practicals (6 hrs) Theatre Arts Practicals   Music Practicals
Friday 21st November am English Language P2 (2 hrs 40 mins)       Visual Arts Practicals           (3 x 1½ hrs)
pm Chemistry P2 (2½ hrs)/ Economics P2 (2 hrs)/Principles of Business P2 (2 hrs)      
Monday 24th November am Biology P2 (2½ hrs)   Music Practicals Visual Arts Practicals (2 x 3 hrs) Theatre Arts (1¼ hrs)
pm Geography P2 (2½ hrs)    
Tuesday 25th November am French P1 & P2 (2hrs 50 mins) French (2 hrs) Chemistry (1½ hrs) Social Studies (1½ hrs) History (1¼ hrs)
pm English Literature P2 (2 hrs 10 mins) Additional Mathematics (2 hrs) French (1¾ hrs) Spanish (1½ hrs) Library (1 hr)
Wednesday 26th November am Mathematics P2 (2 hrs 40 mins) Geography P2 (2 hrs) English Literature (2 hrs) Music  (1½ hrs) English Language (1¾ hrs)
pm History P2 (2 hrs 10 mins)/ Food and Nutrition P2 (2 hrs) Chemistry P2 (1½ hrs)/ Economics  (2 hrs)/ Principles of Business (2 hrs)/ Food and Nutrition P2 (2 hrs) Home Economics (1½ hrs) Home Economics (1½ hrs) Computer Literacy (1½ hrs)
Thursday 27th November am Principles of Accounts P2 (3 hrs)/ Physics P2 (2 hrs)/ Information Technology P2 (2¼ hrs) English Language (2¼ hrs) Biology P1 & P2 (2½ hrs) English Language (2 hrs) Mathematics (2 hrs)
pm Music (2½ hrs) Biology P2 (1½ hrs) Mathematics (2 hrs) History (1½ hrs) French (1¼ hrs)
Friday 28th November am Additional Mathematics P2 (2 hrs 40 mins) Principles of Accounts (2½ hrs)/ Physics P2 (2 hrs)/ Information Technology (1½ hrs) English Language (2 hrs) Mathematics                (2 hrs) Geography (1¼ hrs)
pm Theatre Arts (1½ hrs) Spanish (2 hrs) Computer Literacy (1½ hrs) French (1½ hrs) FORM 1 Presentation by Don La Foucade
Monday 1st December am Principles of Accounts P1 (1½ hrs)/ Physics P1 (1 hr)/ History P1 (1¼ hrs)/ Food and Nutrition P1 (1 hr)/ Information Technology P1 (1½ hrs) English Literature (2 hrs) Geography (1½ hrs) English Literature (2 hrs) Integrated Science (1½ hrs)
pm English Literature P1 (1 hr 45 mins) Food and Nutrition P2 (2 hrs)/ History (2 hrs) Physics (1½ hrs) Theatre Arts (1¼ hrs) Music (1¼ hrs)
Tuesday 2nd December am Chemistry P1 (1¼ hrs)/ Economics P1 (1½ hrs)/ Principles of Business P1             (1¼ hrs) Mathematics P2 (2 hrs) History (1½ hrs) Integrated Science (1½ hrs) Social Studies (1½ hrs)
pm Additional Mathematics P1                      (1½ hrs) Mathematics  P1 (1 hr) Music (1½ hrs) Computer Literacy (1½ hrs) Home Economics (1½ hrs)
Wednesday 3rd December am Geography P1 (1¼ hrs) Physics P1 (1¼ hrs)/ Food and Nutrition P1 (1¼ hrs)/ Music (2 hrs) Visual Arts Practicals (2 x 3 hrs) Geography           (1½ hrs) English Literature (1½ hrs)
pm Biology P1 (1¼ hrs) Theatre Arts (1 hr) Library (1 hr) Spanish (1¼ hrs)
Thursday 4th December am English Language P1  (1½ hrs) Chemistry P1 (1 hr); Biology P1 (1¼ hrs) Spanish (1¾ hrs) Music Practicals Theatre Arts Practicals
pm Mathematics P1 (1½ hrs) Geography P1 (1¼ hrs) Social Studies (1½ hrs)

Time Table