The following students are Form 4 Food and Nutrition students who displayed their skills:

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November 20, 2014



Dear Parents:

As you know, Saint Joseph’s Convent is constantly examining its curriculum to ensure that we are offering the best education opportunities for your child.  We recognize the importance of helping students develop strong reading and study habits.  We are pleased to announce that in January we will again offer a special reading and study skills course to be taught by Readak Educational Services, an organization that conducts this specialized programme in private schools throughout the world. 

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St Joseph's Convent,  San Fernando past French Teacher and School Administrator passed away recently. Condolences to her family.


The link below contains photos and memories of Miss George:

Past Pupils and staff can access this page and share your past experiences with Ms George.



Awards for Excellence at St. Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando

October 14, 2014



It is with pleasure and some nostalgia that I stand here at this year’s Awards for Excellence Ceremony.  Nostalgia, because this was where the first such ceremony took place in 1994, if I remember correctly.  Let me tell you a story about myself. 


I went to school at St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Joseph from the age of three and a half, all the way up to Sixth Form, then taught briefly there.  But the particular story concerns an Awards for Excellence that was going to take place at the school, the first, and for the rest of my years there, the last. 

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