Singer wins Mastana Semis

Vandana Tulsie, a Form 5 student of St. Joseph''s Convent, San Fernando emerged as the winner of the third semi-final round of The Children of Mastana last week. The Penal Student of SJC impressed the judges with her rendition of a Qawali done in the local classical tradition.


NALIS Exhibition
"Artists respond to the events of their time through art and by doing so can influence or help share their societies by the imagery and other art they produce. In other words, art reflects society but can also help to change it. Social commentary allows artists to exhibit their views in issues of the world and atrocities, political shortcomings, crimes, natural disasters and other heart wrenching events. Illustrated on our canvases are thoughts and emations on such topics, and the public is made aware of the ills of society.
This term the art students were encouraged by their art teacher Ms. Deborah Samlalsingh- Hutchinson of St. Joseph''s Convent SanFernando,to select an issue that occured over the period of time from October 2008-2009. Their inspiration on style of work was derived from Ecuadorian artist, Oswaldo Guayasamin. He was well known for his macabre style of work and the emotions conveyed in his pieces. Like this painter the students canvases become a storyboard for the injustices of society..."SJC SCREAMS ART!"

















“The Art Department would like to wish you and your family a Happy and Holy Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous 2010.

We would like to inform you of our successes this year and educate you as to what has been taking place this academic term in your daughters’ art class.”


Form One

This term your daughter would have studied History of Art and Elements in Art. This was done in the form of a History of Art Timeline (which would be kept for the following years) and an Art Codex. Form Two we would start drawing and painting.


Form Two

Introduction to use of the Reflective Journal for developmental study. Next Term we will be drawing from observation and studying Caribbean Artists and their techniques.


Form Three

We developed creative journaling techniques and effective use of the journal. Themed imaginative compositions was the focus towards the end of this term, resulting in creative pieces using coffee and charcoal, for our final examinationthese were put on display.


Forms Four, Five and Six

The focus this term was planning of work for the year from the new CSEC Syllabus. We started working on our Reflective Journals, the developmental studies done were natural and man-made objects. The highlight of this term was working towards our January exhibition “SJC SCREAMS ART” which will be held at the NALIS Port of Spain. The 10 canvas pieces were based on Social Commentary. I would like to commend all the students who worked on these pieces they were powerful and of a high standard. We are all looking forward to the launch of this exhibition. Our Form Fives continue to work hard on their S.B.A. pieces and written papers which are due end of January.



We entered and were successful this year in many competitions some listed below:


SANFEST – Overall Art and Craft Display

SANFEST – 7 Excellence Certificates and 13 Merit Certificates

UNESCO – Jazz Art (1st place-Elise Francis)

Scotia bank – One of 15 schools chosen to create a mural in our school.

UTC – Divali Competition (Elise Francis)

Ministry of Education (Victoria region) – Indian Arrival Day – (1st place painting - Dana Ramberran; 1st place collage – Camille Parris)


We send a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of the support from the parents and teachers who have assisted us in some way. I would especially like to thank the following persons;


St. Joseph’s Convent Past Pupils Association

Mohammed’s Bookstore

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kalliecharan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Francis

Mrs. Najila Samlalsingh

Mrs. Tamara Pollonais


We look forward to another creative and successful New Year.


Yours in Art,