November 20, 2014



Dear Parents:

As you know, Saint Joseph’s Convent is constantly examining its curriculum to ensure that we are offering the best education opportunities for your child.  We recognize the importance of helping students develop strong reading and study habits.  We are pleased to announce that in January we will again offer a special reading and study skills course to be taught by Readak Educational Services, an organization that conducts this specialized programme in private schools throughout the world. 

Readak has successfully conducted its programme at Queens Royal College, Bishop Anstey High School, and Holy Name Convent Secondary School in Port of Spain; as well as Naparima Girls’ High School and Presentation College here in San Fernando.  We were well pleased with the five prior programmes, including the last programme held here by Mr. Guerrero in January 2013.


Not only does the Readak course improve reading speed and comprehension, it also fosters more efficient time management, better note taking, and improved listening.  These are extremely valuable skills that have an immediate and positive impact in the classroom, in daily homework assignments, and in preparation for standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT and CXC.  We are particularly impressed with the intentions of Readak to work closely with our staff and use our classroom texts as central resources in their programme development and delivery.  Most students, regardless of their reading ability, can profit from more training in technical reading skills and study development; and research suggests that this course benefits students of a wide range of academic performance. 


In addition to the traditional 12-hour programme comprised of advanced study and reading techniques, Readak now offers the first six hours of instruction that focus primarily on study methods. More information about the course options is outlined in the enclosed brochure, or visit Readak’s website at


On Wednesday, January 7, at 5:00 p.m. in Seminar Room the Readak teacher, Ms. Katie McDonald, will be available for a special orientation meetingwith parents.  In addition to providing an overview of the Readak program, she will answer any questions you may have regarding the course.  This information is important in itself, so please try to attend.


Your daughter may take the full 12-hour traditional Readak Advanced Learning Skills course for US $225/or, they may enrol in the first half of the programme, focusing on 6-hours of Advanced Study Strategies for US $415/.  All course options include a student workbook, Cornell Notepad, and year-round access to the classroom blog for continued reinforcement and support from a Readak teacher. As an added benefit, Ms. McDonald will conduct a special workshop during the course for parents of enrolled students to review specific study methods covered in class.  Students who enrol in 12 hours of classroom instruction will receive a course completion certificate, which allows them to participate in the programme again at no charge, at any time in the future, wherever the Readak course is offered.


To enrol your child in the Readak Advanced Learning Skills course, please review registration information on the next page. The course will be offered at a variety of times, beginning on Saturday, January 10 and Monday, January 12.  Please see class options below.  We will accept enrolments until the first day of class; however, by registering early, it may help ensure your daughter’s scheduling preferences.


We believe that most students can benefit from the Readak programme, and we would like to see all who are interested participate. With this in mind, I encourage you to give the Readak Advanced Learning Skills courses your serious consideration.



Jennifer Manwaring (Mrs.)


Ag. Principal (Sec.)