St. Joseph's Convent, San Fernando Celebrates!


Chelsey Bertrand (l), additional scholarship winner in Science and Sarah Smith (r), Open scholarship winner in the area of Business.

St. Joseph''s Convent, San Fernando celebrated its success at the recently concluded CAPE examinations in its opening Mass for the new school year. This year, 11 students realized academic excellence as they were awarded four Open and seven additional scholarships in the areas of Business, General Studies and Science. Celebrant, parish priest of San Fernando, Father Robert Christo, challenged the young women forming the congregation, to become the "invincible Christian women" as God intended. He urged students and teachers alike to give dedicated service to church, family and the pursuit of excellence and to relinquish materialism, unhealthy relationships and all other forms of sin that separates man from God.


Additional scholarship winner Chelsey Bertrand, who spoke on behalf of her fellow recipients, several of whom have already begun their tertiary education here and abroad, testified that success did not come without effort. She encouraged students to make healthy choices, to make the decisions that would inevitably determine the degree of success each individual wanted to achieve.


We here at St. Joseph''s Convent are very proud of these 11 deserving young women, and we look forward to their continued success as they leave our halls. May God continue to bless them as they seek opportunities to do His good work.



Open Scholarship winner Sarah Smith, is flanked by her teachers Lazeena Archie (l) and Anesia Dassyne(r).