mrs baineyFebruary 05, 2010

Dear Parents,

Although the year is over one month old, I still want to wish you a Happy New Year and all God’s blessings.

I thank you for your tremendous support of the Christmas Song & Dance. Without it, the concert would not have been the resounding success that it was.I also take this opportunity to thank my staff for their indefatigable efforts in coordinating these events. Your daughters have shown their capacity to lead and to work with their peers and those in authority.The DVD is available and I look forward to your contribution.


Sports Day is carded for Thursday 11 February 2010 at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium and the Swim Meet will be held on Tuesday 09 February 2010 at Presentation College pool.We have normal classes in the morning of the 09th and then students will be escorted to the Swim Meet at St. Michael’s Pool at 11:40 am.Please note that we have been granted a school holiday on Friday, February 12, 2010.


I wish to remind parents that this is an official document of the school.I have noticed that students are returning these books without parental signature.I urge parents to be vigilant and to ask your daughters for their report books at the end of the term.Please use the opportunity to discuss your daughter’s performance with her, and to work out a strategy for her overall improvement.When you have concerns, kindly call and make an appointment to meet with us. ', '


Music Festival Dates are March 01, 2010 to March 28, 2010. The Preliminaries will be held from March 01, 2010 to March 11, 2010 and the Championships from March 12, 2010 to March 28, 2010.

I wish to reiterate what I said in my last letter to you concerning your daughter’s participation in Music Festival.Ms. Dowrich, our Music teacher, and I have discussed this matter.Only Form Five and Form Six students will be accommodated for the Pres-Con choir.We cannot accommodate students who belong to the Pres. Mixed Choir.Parents please take note as this will have an impact when the Music Festival season opens in March 2010.I would like to add that students participating in a choir outside the school or representing any Music school must be a part of our choir for any concession to be made.


It has been the practice of students to visit one another’s homes to work on projects.Parents should liaise with one another prior to these meetings and set time schedules.The landline and mobile numbers of all parents involved should be exchanged in order to confirm that projects have been completed



Carnival-February 15, 16, 2010

Shouter Baptist Day-March 30, 2010

Graduation -Form 5-May 04, 2010

Form6 -April 22, 2010


School closes on March 26, 2010 and reopens on April 12, 2010. Mock exams start in the week of March 08, 2010 forForms 3, 5, LVI and UVI and they will receive their report books on Friday, April 16, 2010.Please note that Forms 1, 2, and 4 will receive their report books on March 26, 2010 and their marks will be based on continuous assessment.Report books WILL NOT be issued to parents on that day. Absent students will receive their reports on the first day of the new term.

We will be celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph on March 18, 2010.St. Joseph’s Day, March 19, 2010 will be a school holiday pending Ministry’s approval.


I take this opportunity to remind parents to be extremely cautious during the Carnival season.It is so important to know about the whereabouts of your daughters as danger always seems to be lurking.The Church and the school have no problem with the celebration of Carnival.We do have a problem with ‘how’ it is celebrated.I assure you that we will continue to impress upon our young ladies the importance of good deportment while enjoying themselves.



The Season of Lent is close and it is an important period in the Church calendar for reflection, soul-searching, repentance and

taking stock. I therefore encourage parents and students to rededicate themselves to the faith in preparation for the celebration of Easter.


Yours sincerely,

Dinna M. Bainey

Principal (Secondary)


mrs bainey

June 12, 2009

Dear Parents,



As you know the academic year ends on July 03, 2009 and many of you have already planned your vacation. Your daughters would have a fair amount of free time and you are faced with the formidable task of keeping them occupied. I urge you to sit with your daughters and schedule how they should spend this time in a productive manner. This is the opportunity for them to get involved in their community and to learn new skills. It is important that you know about your child''s daily activities, especially their choice of entertainment.


This academic year has been extremely challenging. We will continue to do what it takes to provide our girls with the best possible education. In my last letter to you, I had asked parents for a contribution towards the painting of classrooms. To date the response has not been what I expected. I received donations from the Form 1 parents. Many parents complain that they do not get letters from school. I wish to assure you that these are sent via your daughters. You can keep yourselves abreast with what is happening in school by visiting our website, So I look forward to receiving contributions for the painting project before school closes in July. Kindly place your contribution in an envelope clearly marked "PAINT PROJECT."

', '

The external examinations will be completed on June 12, 2009 the NCSE examinations have started for Form Three. Form 3 students will be examined at the end of term in the subjects that are not written at the NCSE. All students must attend school from June 29, 2009 to July 03, 2009. End of term examinations start on Monday, June 15, 2009 and end on Friday June 26, 2009. School will be dismissed at the usual time, 2:30 p.m. We expect all students to attend school daily, and to remain in school for the duration of the session. I do not expect to see parents frequenting the office to sign out children as this disturbs the office routine. Under no circumstances would students be allowed to leave school unless their parent(s) or guardian whose signatures are on file is here to sign them out. Where there is a valid excuse for absence, a written excuse is required and in the case of prolonged illness (three days or more), a medical certificate must be submitted.


I wish to inform parents that the school day starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m. Students are often late due to the tardiness of parents. May I remind parents that the irregularity and unpunctuality records are reflected in your daughter''s transcript. Also, during exam time, students are to arrive for 8:00 a.m. even if an examination might start later. Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, an examination may have to start earlier and if your daughter is not present, no allowances will be made for her to write the examination.


Parents are discouraged to make travel plans during exam time. No allowances can be made for your daughter to write examinations outside the scheduled time unless she is representing the country abroad.

A Professional day is planned for staff on Monday, June 08, 2009 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Your daughters will have half day pending approval from the Ministry of Education.


There will be structured activities during the final week of the term. The following have been arranged:


1. Monday, June 29, 2009 - Wednesday, July 01, 2009-05-31

- VAPA Department - Cultural activities



2. Thursday July 02, 2009

- SEA registration, School Outings


3. Friday July 07, 2009

- Class lunch

Distribution of Reports and dismissal at 1:00 p.m.


I take this opportunity to thank you for your support during this academic year. To those parents who continue to give of their time and talent may God richly reward you. Please make plans for wholesome family time during the long holidays. You may also want to impress upon your daughters the importance of obeying rules at home and at school as this will inevitably impact on every aspect of their socialisation and will make them become better citizens.


Enjoy the vacation with your daughters and I look forward to our continued collaboration in the year ahead.


With every good wish,


Dinna M. Bainey

Principal (Secondary)