April 25, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians

We are into the final term of the 2017-18 academic year, a short but packed term (12 weeks). 

I refer to this term as the Examination Term as this is when CAPE (Forms 6), CSEC (Forms 5), and NCSE (Forms 3) take place.

Students of Forms 1 – 4 should be preparing for End of Year examinations when they will be examined on material taught during the academic year.

The following are the activities planned for this term (April 16 – July 06, 2018):



·         April 17-23 – CSEC Spanish & French Orals

·         April 18 – Opening Mass

·         April 20 – Distribution of Form 3 Reports

·         April 23 – Distribution of Forms 5 & 6 Reports

·         April 25 – Form 3C Retreat (Retrench)

·         April 26 – Form 3S Retreat (Retrench)

·         April 27 – Blessing Mass (Forms 5, L6, U6)

·         April 30 – Form 3 Career Guidance (Periods 4- 5)

·         May 02  – Form 3J Retreat (Retrench)

·         May 05, Saturday - Parents of SJCSF Movie Fundraiser (Avengers: Infinity War)

·         May 07 – CXC written examinations begin

·         May 10 – Parents of SJCSF Meeting (5:30 – 7:00)

·         May 15 – Form 1 Parents’ Day

·         May 21 – NCSE Orals/*Practicals begin (Form 3)

·         May 24 – Form 4 Parents’ Day

·         May 25 – SJCSF Walkathon

·         May 30 – Indian Arrival Day Holiday

·         May 31 – Corpus Christi Holiday

·         June 05 – NCSE Orals/Practicals end

·         June 06-14 – NCSE Exams

·         June 11-28 – End of Year Exams

·         June 14 – CXC Examinations end

·         June 14 – Parents of SJCSF Meeting (5:30 – 7:00)

·         June 18-28 – L6s Classes

·         June 19 – Labour Day Holiday

·         June 20 – Graduation Ceremony (SAPA)

·         **July 05 –  Closing Mass (OLPH, 8:30 a.m.), Emancipation Program, Distribution of Reports

·         July 06 – SEA Registration

 *NCSE PE Praticals will be held on Saturday May 19 & 26

**Please note that school will be dismissed at 2:30 pm on Thursday, July 05, 2018.



Most of the following you would have read before but I find it necessary to repeat:


v  We continue to battle with financial challenges.  As you are well aware this is a Government assisted school and most of the services provided for your daughters' safety and enjoyment are funded in part by our fundraising activities and largely by your annual voluntary contributions which, particularly for the majority of our returning students, have not been forthcoming. We depend on your contributions to offset costs for Security, Science Laboratory supplies, Utility Bills etc.  In order that we can continue to maintain the high standards that you have come to expect at this institution, we are appealing to you to honour your financial commitment to the school as it is all for the benefit of your daughters.  I wish to expressly thank those parents who have already contributed.


v  Your daughters have been consistently breaking the school rules by using their cell phones during school time, in many cases, they use it call you.  I wish to remind you that your daughters are not to use their cell phones during school hours (8:00 am - 2:30 pm), unless they have the permission of a member of Staff.  Any student caught using a cell phone during school hours, it will be confiscated.  If there is an emergency, they are allowed to use the school phone.  Please note that your daughters are entirely responsible for the security of their cell phones and/or any other devices that they may bring to school.  We will not take any responsibility for lost or stolen items and no reports of same will be entertained.


v  For the safety and security of your daughters, policies and protocols have been put in place.  These have been outlined in the school rules which you have all been asked to read and sign on your daughter's entry into the school.  I wish to remind you that once your daughters enter the school compound, they are not allowed to leave unless they are signed out by a parent/guardian or persons authorised in writing by you.  Please remind/inform your daughters that they are not to leave the school compound without the proper authorisation.


v  Presently, maintenance costs for the upkeep of the school have become prohibitive.  Much of these costs are incurred due to your daughters’ misuse of school property.  We have been unable to service our A/C units and this has resulted in the breakdown of several units.  Some of you may be receiving complaints from your daughters on a daily basis.  A suggestion was put forward by a group of concerned Parents of Form 2S of an “Adopt a Class” approach where the parents of each class come together and take responsibility for the upkeep of their daughters’ class.  I think this is an idea worth exploring since you parents are stakeholders in you daughters’ education.  It is my hope that as many of you as possible will attend Parents’ meetings where ideas like these can be put on the table and meaningful discussions can take place.  Your thoughts, ideas and opinions are very important to us and we would very much like to hear them.  This can be accomplished through your attendance at Parents of SJCSF meetings, a forum where your voice can be heard.  Meetings are held every second Thursday of the month on the school compound and you are always welcome.


On behalf of the Ag Vice Principal, Mrs Debra East and Staff, I thank you for your continued support in all things St Joseph’s Convent San Fernando.  We continue to depend on you for your time, talent and treasure and encourage you actively participate in your daughter's school life.


Looking forward to another successful term,


God Bless


Jennifer Manwaring

Principal Secondary