July 04, 2014  


Dear Parents/Guardians 

We have come to the end of the 2013-2014 academic year, a year of transition as there has been a change in Administration.  Mrs East and I have worked hard to maintain the high standards set by our predecessor Mrs Bainey, who we thank for her many years of dedicated service to our school.  We pray for her health and that she enjoys a long and happy retirement.  This has been a year with many, many blessings, both academically and non-academically. We are truly blessed.


 - This year, 4 of our Lower 6 students wrote the CSEC Technical Drawing exam, after taking classes two days a week after school for 6 months.  Results are not out yet but, based on feedback from the girls, they feel very confident.  I am hoping to add Technical Drawing to the Form Four curriculum but this is contingent on getting a teacher.

 - The Form Four subject offerings have been revised so as to give students greater flexibility in their selections.  We continue to have two classes doing 8 subjects and two doing 9.  As students are now randomly placed in their classrooms, the classes have been renamed 4G1 and 4G2 (8 subjects), 4G3 and 4G4 (9 subjects).  Forms 1-3 have also been renamed S, J, C.



In an effort to provide experiences to our girls that will contribute both to their holistic development as well as to provide a foundation for their career choices, I wish to propose the following:


- Scuba Diving – this is a recreational opportunity with a difference.  There are a number of career opportunities (Marine Biology is one) that require scuba diving skills.  However, this comes at a cost of approximately $3500 for training and certification. There are about 5 members of staff who have expressed their interest in this venture.  Parents you are also invited and encouraged to be part of this experience.  An information session is carded for September.

- Carnival – It is hoped that St Joseph’s Convent San Fernando will take part in Junior Panorama next year.  If we do not have the numbers, we may have to team up with our brother school, Presentation College.  Also, Students of Forms 1 and 2 may be afforded the opportunity to participate in Kiddies Carnival. Parents, I hope you will allow your daughters to be part of these cultural experiences. 



In an effort to better communicate with you Parents we are introducing an SMS messaging system which will allow us to communicate with you via text message.  This will be implemented in the new academic year.  A data capture form is included in your daughters’ report pouches.  Kindly fill these out and return to us as soon as possible so that your information may be uploaded onto the system.  Please note that you will be charged for each text you receive. 



I am pleased to inform that ALL classrooms are now air-conditioned.  Many thanks to you and your daughters for the hard work put in to raise the funds to make this a reality.  The cost to air-condition the remaining 11 classrooms was $235 000.  Special thanks to those parents who gave additional support in the form of labour, materials as well as sourcing additional sponsorship. May God continue to richly bless you.  Now that the rooms are cool, you daughters need sweaters! I am asking that you purchase white, black, or navy blue sweaters for them.  Please do not allow them to wear other colours as these will be taken away. Thanks in advance for cooperation.


We are now in the process of changing furniture in the Form 3 classrooms as what we have now is old and termite-ridden.  This is being done on a phased basis as the desk and chair set is expensive ($1000).


Our next big project is to upgrade the school Auditorium. 3 months ago one of the compressors burnt out and the estimated cost to replace is $18000! There are also a number of structural issues to be addressed.


Parents, we are depending on your time, talent and treasure so that we can continue to maintain the high standards that you have all come to expect at this institution.  We are looking forward to your active participation in school life.  I wish to see parents more actively involved in your daughters’ co- and extra-curricular activities.


Do enjoy the vacation and I trust your daughters will return on September 02, 2014, refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to soar to even greater heights.


God Bless


Jennifer Manwaring

Ag Principal