Form 1 Visual Art Field Trip


On Wednesday 27th May 2015, Form 1 students visited the following:

Horizons Art Gallery 

(Karen Jackson & Kristie Franco - Artistes)


On Location Art Galleries

(Glen Roopchand, Ryan Williams)


National Museum

(Met and spoke to LeRoy Clarke)





Martinique April 2012

Karystin Cardenas Malaika Joseph
Helene Coker Chloe Maharaj
Keri Gobin Samantha Nanan
Jhaneia Hector Marie-Ange Pollonais
NealaHenry Deneka Reason
FrancisHudlin Arione Rojas
ApheaJames Amy-Jo Sankar
TehillaJeffrey Shala Singh
Alicia Jogie

















From July 22 to July 30, 2009 Mrs. Nadine Joseph-Dennie (Head of Department), Ms. Keiba A. John (teacher of French & Spanish) and Ms. Tracey Elcock (former Geography teacher) accompanied 9 form four students to the Dominican Republic.

The group departed Piarco via Copa Airlines to Panama and then headed to Santo Domingo. They visited places like El Conde – a shopping area – and part of the Zona Colonial – remains of the Colonial period beginning in 16th century. They also visited the Palacio Consistorial, Parque Colon and the Catedral primada de America – the first church built in the New World.

Additionally, students and teachers enjoyed morning sessions at the Alliance Française de Santo Domingo. This was certainly a useful tool for linguistic exchange. The students also did a tour of the Media centre with the librarian who spoke French and Spanish. An artist whose work was on display at the Alliance gave an interview about his collection and fielded questions from the group. Later that day, students ventured to the Plaza de la Cultura, a large park containing many museums and the Museo Nacional de Historia natural.

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Some other places that were visited were the Panteon de los heroes, el Panteon nacional, where the remains of important figures of the nation are interred. In the square in front of the Museo de las Casas reales (Museum of the royal houses), viewed the Reloj de sol, one of two sun dials still operational. On the Plaza de Espana, we viewed the statue of Columbus’ son, Diego whose residence we observed from a distance – Alcazar de Don Diego Colon. Crossing the Plaza de Espana, we made our way to the remains of a monastery destroyed by an earthquake. During the final days there, everyone enjoyed visiting the Acuario Nacional, Juan Dolio beach, Museo de Casas Reales, the First Cathedral built in 1523 and 2 shopping malls- La Sirena and the Acropolis.


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Trip to Mérida, Venezuela

Destination: Mérida, Venezuela
Dates: Wednesday 11th July 2007 – Thursday 19th July 2007
Tour Guide/ Operator: Mr. Jan Westmaas c/o Westmaas Touring Company
Teacher in Charge: Ms. Keiba A. John
Accompanying Teacher: Ms. Marianne Nandlal

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Flights/ Travel:
Via Conviasa Airline, the group comprising 25 SJC students left Piarco International headed to Margarita Island and then to Caracas. The group spent the night in Caracas and the next day boarded a flight to Mérida.. We then took a 2 hour bus ride from the airport to the hotel in Mérida. Internal bus/ taxi arrangements were made by the tour operator and all went without incident.

In Caracas, we were accommodated at Hotel Catimar which is located on the coast. The Hotel is located about 5 minutes from the airport in Catia La Mar. In Mérida, we stayed at Hotel Oviedo located on the main street and with its own restaurant. There was also a bakery and call centre close by. Ten minutes walk north on the same street would lead students to the Shopping area much to their delight.

The students seemed enthused about savouring authentic Spanish dishes. Students tasted a variety of food such as:-
Pollo a la brasa, pollo a la plancha, muchachos con ensalada, tortilla Española, empanadas con queso y carne and cachitos in addition to bocadillos. The group also savoured several of the 852 flavours of icecream at the Heladería Coromoto, noted in the Guinness book of records. Fresas con Crema (Strawberries with Cream) was a delightful dessert for many.

Places of Interest:
As part of their tour students were given the opportunity to visit many places:- Downtown Mérida, Universidad de los Andes, La Catedral, El Mercado Principal, La Heladería Coromoto, Venezuela de Antier theme Park, Andean Villages like Tabay, Mucuchies, Apartaderos and a condor research site. The highlight of their tour was Pico el Aguila, a mountain point that reaches 4000 metres above sea level. Students were literally looking down at the clouds. The temperature change was the fiercest here and all were forced to wear gloves and hoodies.

Please check below for a Video of the trip: