Sports Day 2014

Sports Day 2014 was held on Friday 28th February 2014 at Presentation Grounds, San Fernando and here are some pictures of the event below:



Inspection of the March Past


Parents Participation - Egg and Spoon Race


SJCSF Tug-o-War


Teacher's participating in the activites


Blessed Anne Marie House


Balloon Passing Game


Notre Dame Presentation


Some winners of various houses


St Theresa's Presentation


St Joseph's House Presentation


St Joseph's House Dancers


St Theresa's House Dancers


St Xavier's House marchers


Trophies and Medals for Distribution to Winners


Notre Dame Dancers


St Joseph's House Marchers


St Xavier Dancers


St Joseph's House Staff Winning


Presentation from all houses


Notre Dame Sailers


St Xavier Runner


SJC Young  Sprinters


Reaching for the finish line


SJC Father's Race


Some Winners

More Winners


Brave students Proudly showing their newly won medals


Trophy Winners


Trying their best to represent their respective houses


Tassa Performers


Staff showing their winning medals


Bag Race


SJC Dedicated Staff waiting to catch




More winners




These students showing their Support for their respective houses Xavier and BAM


Representing their houses and winning


Ms Hamid Presents trophy to house representatives



Proudly displaying their medals



More Winners




Group Winners



Father's Race Winners


Ms Sumadh presents trophy to winning house BAM


Medals and Winners


House Representatives receiving trophy



Beautiful Winners



Satisfied they won and well deserved


Notre Dame Representatives with trophies and medals