Garden Party Pictures 2017:


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Garden Party 2014 was held on 1st November 2014 and here are some pictures of this event:





















Garden Party 2011



Lovely ladies serving at the Food stall


gardenparty2011 2

Santa''s photo booth


gardenparty2011 3

Form 4 students


gardenparty2011 4

Lower 6 students at their stall


gardenparty2011 7

Form 2 ladies


gardenparty2011 5

Having a good time!


gardenparty2011 8

Lovely ladies of Form 2

gardenparty2011 9

Famous Rock Climbing


gardenparty2011 10

Casino Royale, Las Vegas booth

gardenparty2011 11

Lovely students at garden party


gardenparty2011 12

Beautiful Ladies

gardenparty2011 13

SJC Past Pupil Association


gardenparty2011 14

Mrs Phagoo and her students!


gardenparty2011 15

"Wheel of Fortune"


gardenparty2011 16

Form 4 Ladies at their stall

gardenparty2011 17

Friends of SJC


gardenparty2011 18

Hardworking staff at the gate


gardenparty2011 19

Rock Climbing (fun)


gardenparty2011 20

Happy Form 6 students


gardenparty2011 21

SJC Staff Ms Ramdeen, Mrs Brazil and Ms Mayers


gardenparty2011 22

Lower six ladies


gardenparty2011 23

Form 2 beauties


gardenparty2011 24

Ms Austarlie serving customers with her students


gardenparty2011 25

Mrs Dwarika at her stall with her students


gardenparty2011 26

This young lady gets a beautiful Mehendi painting


gardenparty2011 27

Tea Party


gardenparty2011 28

Lovely ladies at the Tea Party


gardenparty2011 30

Elves serving at Tea Party


gardenparty2011 31

Tea Party Elves


gardenparty2011 32

Cross Section of the crowd


gardenparty2011 32

Patrons at SJC Garden Party


gardenparty2011 33

Fortune Teller


gardenparty2011 34

Games and more games!!



Garden Party 2010


Once again SJC''s Garden Party was a success, here are some pictures of this event:

Girls at the Xmas Funhouse Stall

Hardworking ladies


Enjoying the view


Dedicated staff preparing for the Tea Party


Face Painting More Face Painting


Enjoying the Tea Party and Fashionn Show


Charming young ladies


Popular Bouncy Castle


Mrs. Kelly-Simmons at her stall


Mrs Bhagan and her class at their stall


Beautiful young ladies having a good time


Casino Royale Game Stall


Mrs. Dwarika, Mrs. Bhagan & Ms. Hamid at the gate


Friends of SJC stall at Garden Party 2010


Young Girls Enjoying Themselves


A cross-section of the crowd


More Beautiful young ladies


Our Principal Mrs Bainey after addressing the crowd


SJC staff enjoying the Tea Party and Fashion Show


Mrs Phagoo with her students at her game stall - Deal or No Deal



Ms N Ramlal at her stall


Ms. Ramdeen serving customers at her stall with her students



One of the Stalls at Garden Party 2010


Cross-section of the Crowd Photo Centre


Ready to serve snacks at the Tea Party


"Dunk Me" Game


"Shaving a Balloon??"