HISTORY: The house of St. Xavier was established in memory of St. Francis Xavier. 

St. Francis Xavier was a pioneering Roman Catholic missionary and co-founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesus Order). The Roman Catholic Church believes that he has converted more people to Christianity than anyone since St. Paul. St. Francis Xavier is considered to be the greatest missionary since the time of the Apostles because of the zeal he displayed, the wonderful miracles he performed and the great number of souls he brought to the light of true faith. He died on December 3rd which is now celebrated as his feast day.

St. Xavier, represented by the colour green at St. Joseph’s Convent, is known as one of the most consistent houses with our strong point being parang at our school’s annual Song and Dance Competition. Our House Song was written by one of the former captains of St. Xavier, Lois Lewis.

The captain and vice captain are students from the lower six form with positive attitudes which are adopted by all the members of the house. The members’ commitment to the house is extraordinary; there is a great deal of team spirit and a strong sense of belonging. These attitudes help us to build on the foundation laid by our patron saint, St. Xavier.



Captain: Monique De France
Vice Captain: Rebecca Rampaul
Treasurer: Kirchal Mc Eachrane-Ramie
Secretary: Shania Robinson
House Mistress: Ms. R Kalliecharan-Figueroa



A Passion for Excellence


St. Joseph Convent, San Fernando

As members of St. Xavier
We pledge to be apostles like St. Xavier
Kind and cheerful be
Help and share knowledge
Do it all with a smile
To try and cheer up others
So to make our lives worthwhile.

Fired by God’s power
Coming from above
We have the gift of courage
Spreading His love
Members of St. Xavier
Bold and brave are we
Never hindered by an obstacle
We excel for all to see.

Tact and nobility, daring and tenacity
Students just and true are we
We’ll spread it everywhere.

We members of St. Xavier
No matter where we go
Will always do our utmost
To let our goodwill show
For members near and far away
Are always proud to say
That we take all our attitudes
From our Great, oh yes
Our great, St. Xavier.


Past Student of SJC : 1983 - 1990