St. Theresa House



HISTORY:St. Therese of Lisieux is the patron saint of St. Theresa’s House. ', '

She was a French Camelite nun, and although she lived only a short life, she touched the hearts and souls of many. She followed the little way of devotion by performing humble everyday tasks for others. St. Therese’s symbol is the rose, a symbol adopted by St. Theresa’s House. St. Therese, “the little flower”, is often represented in art carrying roses in reference to her promise: “After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses.”



As members of St. Theresa
We strive to follow her,
We’ll be people of unity
Together as one community.
We all have different goals
But we shall always play our roles
We are all artists in this world
Each painting a picture of our own.

Pride in our hearts
Standing together
Spreading the spirit of living
Working as one
Helping each other
Proud to be a part of St. Theresa.

The world is rough and wide
But from it we’ll never hide
We may often set the pace
But not always win the race
Yes, from a fall we’ll rise
In this ever changing world
There are few who stand firmly
And walk the paths towards their goal.



House Mistress: Ms. M Roopnarine
Captain: Kaila Davis
Vice Captain: Rachel Kalliecharan 
Secretary: Jamala Alexander
Treasurer: Keereyea Phagoo




Both Past Student of SJC : 1983 - 1990