St. Joseph House

Patron Saint:- St. Joseph (Wonder worker and Foster Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ)


St. Joseph, an adroit carpenter, was a pure and gentle man who also serves as the patron of the Universal Church. He obeyed the call of an Angel and took Mary as his wife. March 19th is celebrated as the Feast Day in his honour.

St. Joseph




St. Joseph, St. Joseph
A love we can’t express
A feeling that’s so real in our hearts
St. Joseph, St. Joseph
A love we can’t express
A feeling in our hearts, in our hearts
In our hearts we are proud to be as one,
For together, we’ll try to follow you.


Verse 1

St. Joseph, the trust we have in you
To our house, we’ll always be true
For we believe in you
And so we’ll try to honour you in all we do.


Verse 2

St. Joseph, give us the strength to be
Daghters who will always be there
For those in need, of love and care
A thoughtful word, or just a smile.

Words of House Song: Members of the House c. 1989
Music: Marcelle Mercier

Past Student of SJC: 1983-1990


House Executives (2014-2015)

House Mistress: Ms. V Austarlie
Captain: Alishia Kae Rougier
Vice Captain: Neala Henry
Treasurer: Kelsie Guevaro
Caron David