House Colour – Royal Blue

History – The name “Notre Dame” is French for ‘Our Lady’, Mary the patron saint of this house.

‘The blessed Virgin’, ‘Queen of the Holy Rosary’ and ‘Mother of God’ are a few of the many titles she holds, which shows her importance to us. A member of Notre Dame therefore makes every effort to uphold Her virtues of wholesomeness of thought, word and deed whereby she may be a luminary in society.

At about age sixteen, the angel Gabriel revealed to ‘Our Lady’ that she was chosen by God to be the mother of His Son, Jesus Christ. Realising that this was a call to a higher purpose, she yielded to the will of God with the words “Be it done to me according to thy word”. This act exemplified the selfless nature of a life given to service in the hopes of bettering the wider society.


Throughout her life Mary demonstrated wisdom, peace, strength though adversity and integrity, in addition to being immune from every personal sin. These are the qualities the members of Notre Dame strive to embody.


Since the introduction of the House system in 1987 Notre Dame has proven itself to be a powerful force in inter house events time and time again. Past members have moved on to become key players in the nation’s leading corporations. The highlight of our achievements this year was winning best Overall House on Sports Day 2008. This victory was in honour of one of our most dedicated supporters and committed House Mistresses Joandra Archer-Charles, who left us to be with the Lord earlier this year. Had she been with us, this well-loved French and English teacher would have proudly joined us in singing the following lines from our House Song: “Nous Triomphons sur les autres. Et pourquoi? Nous sommes les meilleures”



Notre Dame House Flag

Chanson de Notre Dame
« Above the clouds we’ll soar »

1. We stand firm full of confidence
To be called ‘les enfants de Notre Dame’ grace and strength
For we have what it takes, the best
And we work together,
No matter what
Notre Dame House Logo 2. Our Mother, full of peace,
grace and strength
Teach us wisdom, teach us love
Give us strength from above
O Mary, Queen of Heaven,
Peaceful dove
3. Le jour de gloire est arrivé
sans doute
Nous avons la victoire à
Notre équipe. Comme toujours
nous triomphons sur les autres.
Et pourquoi ?
Nous sommes les meilleures
Les meilleures

4. In this house we have faith in each other
And we share what we have willingly
For we know we’ll win when we are together
And true love in our hearts gives us bliss


Words : Kerra Bazzey
Music : Arlette Xavier


Both Past Students of SJC: 1983-1990

  House Executives (2014-2015)
  House Mistress – Ms. S Ramlakhan
Captain – Kamron Waithe
Vice Captain – Dominique Friday
Treasurer – Krystal Jackson
Secretary – Alexia Suite