Anne Marie Javouhey was born on November 11th 1779 in Southern France during a tumultuous period of the church’s history. ', '

Affectionately called “Nanette”, she dedicated her life to the accomplishment of God’s will at the early age of eighteen and from then, consecrated herself totally to His service. With strong will and determination, and against great persecution, she founded the Congregation of St. Joseph of Cluny in 1807 to engage in teaching and administering help and hope to the aged and infirm. This missionary order expanded rapidly within the region and eventually to other parts of the world, where they established schools, hospitals and other institutions.


In Trinidad and Tobago, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny continued Anne Marie’s mission and founded St. Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando in 1882, among other schools. After her death in 1851, Anne Marie was beatified by Pius XII in 1950 and she continues to be celebrated as the foundress of our school and proudly emulated as the patron saint of Blessed Anne Marie’s house as echoed in her words:

“May God be glorified… in everything and everywhere may His Holy Will be done!"






There was a woman, who loved the Lord
And unto Him, she gave her all.
He had a mission, for a woman of vision,
And Anne Marie, heeded His call.
She lent a hand, to those orphaned,
And gave instruction to the poor.
She loved and taught, and oneness sought
Hoping to bind man, forever more.


O Anne Marie, we’ll be like you
Forever strong, forever true.
We’ll love the Lord with all our hearts
And promise now, to do our part.
To make the world a better place,
To love and unite the human race.
O Anne Marie, we’ll follow your lead
And with the love of God, we will succeed.


Now we the young, who’ve just begun
For excellence, we all must strive.
We learn and teach, to others reach,
We must keep the dream alive.
Her gift of love, from up above
Will lead and guide us on our way.
Ours is the future, let’s make it sure,
Blessed Anne Marie’s foundations laid.


House Mistress:Ms. A Dassyne
Captain:Leshaunda Borel
Vice Captain:Ariel Richardson
Secretary: Samantha Khan
Treasurer: Alyssa Baptiste


Words: Ann Marie Ramesh

Music: Michelle Mohammed

Both Past Students of SJC: 1983 - 1990