Warmest greetings, SJC SAN FERNANDO families!


Our Group is called FRIENDS OF SJC (a parent-driven volunteer committee) created torepresent all parents(past and present), foster a sense of community within the school, enhance each student’s school experience and provide opportunities for parents to participate in the St. Joseph’s Convent experience. Parental involvement in school is vital to the success of students.


FRIENDS provide many opportunities for the development of the school. Therefore, we are embarking on a major drive to collect parent/guardian information as well as resources that you would like to provide to our school when needed. We know parents are inundated by paperwork and therefore, FRIENDS goal is to go as “GREEN” as possible by creating an e-mail mailing database.


We all care about creating the best possible educational experience for our children. Our familiesshare many of the same experiences. Parents are often reluctant to participate because they’re afraid of the never-ending commitment. An hour or two a term really makes a difference and we would not push you to commit more than you want to or are able to.There are many things that can also be done from home.


We are not only about fundraising. In these times of tight budgets, parent committees are having to fill in the gaps and so are we. But our number one goal is to get more parents connected and involved in the school. It has been proven by many research studies that building parent involvement in education is the most important avenue to create a great school and improve your child’s performance.


Most importantly FRIENDS is about you, our parents. When attending meetings you are afforded the opportunity to speak with your Principal, Mrs. Dinna Bainey on any issues of concern to you and your family, as well as make valuable contributions towards improvements of the school community. It’s also a great way to meet other parents.


Friends want to hear from you, your concerns, talents, suggestions and support. We all have a common bond.


We look forward to meeting all of you at our regularly schedule meetings that occur every second Wednesday of the Month at 5:30 PM in the school library. Please register by completing and sending in the membership form. Building and maintaining a high-quality school is the job of the entire SJC family.



Thank you for taking the time to assist us in this process. God’s blessings to you and your family.




Mr. Murchison Arjoon     Mrs. Najila Samlalsingh

President                           Treasurer




Parents Make a Difference! Support SJC by joining FRIENDS.


Mission Statement:

To represent all parents, foster a sense of community within the school, enhance each student’s school experience and provide opportunities for parents to participate in the St. Joseph’s Convent experience.



The St. Joseph’s Convent San Fernando Friends (a parent-driven volunteer committee) consist of parents who meet together to celebrate the school’s achievements, share in the experiences of others and work together to continue building our SJC San Fernando Community.


The goals of FRIENDS are:

1.To increase communication between the home and school for the benefit of the students

2.To increase the parental involvement in school

3.To provide a forum to discuss relevant issues with the Principal

4.Fundraising to supplement the school budget

5.Support and appreciate teachers and other school staff

6.Contribute to the infrastructure of the school

7.Act collectively on issues of concern to school families. Helping parents with strategies on supporting school work/homework

8.Providing resources that encourages teachers, parents and students to gain insight and knowledge into their vital roles

9.Communicate and implement student, staff and family generated ideas in conjunction with the Principal

10.To bring a strong sense of community and promote communication between students, staff, their families and the wider community.

11.Cultivating opportunities for people to contribute specialized skills , such as career days, mentoring, school-to-work experiences







Support Your Children’s Efforts


Studies have shown that the involvement of parents is the most important factor in children’s school success.

1. Become involved in your children’s schoolwork. Ask about it daily.

2. Provide a quiet place at home where your children can study.

3. Find one person in the school you are comfortable with to talk to about your concerns.

4.Teach your children to resolve conflicts peacefully. This will be reinforced in school.

5. Ask the school to help when you have problems with your children. We are all partners in the journey.

6. Be a good example for your children. They do watch what you do.






Friends is pleased to announce the creation ofa fund called the “Friendship Basket”.

Please notify our treasurer of any financial needs of your child (books, uniform, traveling, stationery), or any other situation affecting your family. We will try to offer assistance wherever we can.




Friends will be Hosting/Organizing the following at dates to be announced:

I.Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

II.Teachers Wishing Tree

III.Spirit Week for Students




FRIENDS recognizes that you as a parent or guardian are our most important partner in your child’s education. Your involvement is essential to your child’s educational success. We urge you to understand and exercise your rights and responsibilities.


A dedicated Parent Group, Friends of SJC has been invaluable in community building and fund-raising efforts. This group meets every second Wednesday in the month at 5:30 pm in the Library.