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Trip to Centre for Language Learning at U.W.I Campus

On Friday 1st November, 2013, the executive members of the Japanese Cultural and Lingual Club accompanied by 11 other lucky members, their Club Coordinator. Boatswain and teacher Ms. Jeanville, were carried to Centre for Language Learning at the Trinidad and Tobago U.W.I campus in St. Augustine, for an introductory class in Japanese. They arrived at the U.W.I campus on a wonderful Sunny morning at around 10:00 A.M and were carried to classroom #11- the Japanese class where they met their teachers Rankin Sensei, Kawasaki-sensei and Sato-sensei. Comically enough, these teachers are also Ms. Boatswain’s Japanese teachers.

First lesson taught was how to introduce yourself in Japanese- Hajimemashite [name] desu. Dōzo yoroshiku, (Nice to meet you. I’m-----). After which each person in the room was asked to introduce themselves. This was accompanied by outbursts of giggles at mistakes made and general amusement. Afterwards, a small grammatical introduction about the different types of Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, conjugation and tenses was made and all jokes aside during the short session, a lot of work was covered. This included:-

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All this was done while being thoroughly interactive using games and questions. There was a break in between and at the end of the class, additional questions from the students to the teachers were entertained. The students were asked who would like to someday return and learn Japanese here, to which most of the class raised their hands. The teachers’ reply was “We’ll be waiting.”Both the students and teachers had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.  And surely all members cannot wait to return and learn the wonderful language someday. Below are pictures




On May 22nd, 2013; the Japanese Cultural and Lingual Club of St. Joseph’s Convent hosted its very first Japanese Culture Day. It lasted from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and took place within the school compound. For the event, each class of the school did a presentation on previously given topics such as fashion, food, and other aspects of the Japanese culture.

The students of the school were first addressed by visiting members of the Japanese Embassy in the school’s auditorium, and were then dismissed by the principal to go to their respective classes. Aside from the class presentations, there were games taking place in the courtyard – such as a team jump rope (which was rather amusing to look at, as no one could really keep perfect synchronisation).

In light of everything, it would be safe to say that the endeavour was a success. Here are some pictures from the event: